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Month: April 2011

I say that melting snow has its own smell

The scent of pine trees waking in the ravine between here and there. An echo in this circular push and body crouching against aluminum frame. Coiled mimicry of metal. Finding the flex and strength of muscles in parallel with these angles. We are testing air, dust, asphalt against endurance. Endurance against terrain. Metres and kilometres expanding and crossing time with motored vehicles that misunderstand our intentions. They’ve never felt the release of sinew fresh from hibernation. They pause in perpendicular confusion. For us. The space between joints, a cubby hole for breathless laughter.

How Open Windows Remind Me

I abandoned the fashionable to learn to think of my own heart and soul. To explore empty alleys of my past littered with scraps of half-decayed paper. All these years constructing logic for the illogical. Severing myself from a wellspring to drift on well-aired currents of collective conscious.

I’m not home yet. Wandered half-circle and of course we go only forward. This never-ending loop. Maybe yet I’ll learn humility. Maybe yet I’ll learn to search my own pockets for treasure. Maybe this time, I won’t forget to take you with me. And open windows will remind me to sweep cobwebs from intercostal muscles.

When we knew each other

In high powered streetlights and low level bridges. The wandering nights of a conversation interspersed with hours of separation. You found in me an I in you. A you in I. We loved (but not too much) in all the right ways and ended on the other side of phrases. Choked with one too many quips or quivers against your ear. I followed and fell. You fell and followed. The opposites of accidents and accidental opposition. We spun inside the curl of current and drifted downstream. Until we were too far from where we started to know where we had come to rest.