We sat on the balcony, my words and I, tossing back ice-cold cider and summertime snacks. Sweating bottles and sweaty temples, the sticky sun crisping our stomachs and toes. We chuckled into the silence of crows and sparrows and magpies and bees. Biding and buying time. Stocking up against the autumn staring into the corners of our eyes. We knew, my words and I, where the story would turn. Where the climax would shudder into rapid resolution. We sat anyway. Stayed put. Smiled and held our hands against the concrete.

2 thoughts on “Connecting

  1. You behaved properly, that is usually ok. But did you held hands cause you had to. and smile also cause you had to? Not to cool.
    Beautifull text friend, and beautifull athmosphere you created

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