Five things that are on my mind this week

I haven’t written as myself in a while. Sometimes I need to be reminded of my own voice.

Edmonton’s incoming Poet Laureate is none other than hip-hop artist Roland Pemberton, a.k.a. Cadence Weapon. His music captures Edmonton in ways that you wouldn’t see at first glance, and he seems to intend to re-define the position of poet laureate. This news gives me deep joy.

For the past two weeks, I have consciously tried to avoid cooking with meat on weekdays. I feel a lot better than I have in months. Right now it’s just an experiment. I have a solid repertoire of vegetarian recipes, and I’m going to continue as long as I can.

I’ve committed to riding my bike to work at least twice a week this summer. The commute is just under 9 km and takes me about 30 minutes each way. The last 2 km or so is in a bleak industrial area, and I am almost certain to have a cross-wind in both directions. For some reason, I love my bike more this year than I did last year, and I’m less afraid of vehicles. Once I get my technique down, I think I’m going to love the ride.

I have a balcony garden. So far we have successfully sprouted potatoes, onions, and beans or peas (the trough isn’t labelled and it was one or the other), and the carrots and parsnips should be coming along soon. All our plants seem content, and I think we will have a fairly successful, if unavoidably small, harvest.

I spent a while feeling disconnected and untethered. I think I’ve found my way back to the quiet, contemplative places I love. Perhaps this is a temporary fearlessness, just a pause in the flurry of my mind, but it is good for now. I will breathe while I can.

4 thoughts on “Five things that are on my mind this week

  1. All wonderful news, especially number 1, and number 2 is cool and 3 is great and 4 and 5 are especially wonderful too, cool bananas.

  2. the phrase ‘temporary fearlessness’ left a lump in my throat. so inspired. and inspiring. and breathing whilst one can. really wonderful.

  3. So strange, when I don’t eat meat at least every other day I feel worse. I feel better if I eat meat, so long is it isn’t to much.

    Glad you are less disconected, I again feel the opposite.

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