Open Letter to the Jerkface Crap-head who Stole My Posts for His Own Blog

Dear Plagiarizing Asshole,

Seriously, what the hell? I know it was a pretty long shot that I would find you, but thanks to Copyscape, I did. I know I’m a pretty good writer, and you did select some of my finer moments, but I’m at a loss. If you are, as you claim to be, a 40 year old man, I would think you know better than to steal intellectual property. You probably do know better than that. Which just makes the whole thing that much sadder. I am sad that you think your own words are so insufficient that you need to steal mine. I do put a bit of work in them, but you probably knew that.

I’ll give you a bit of credit. You did take down the posts that I pointed out were plagiarized from my site. And knowing as you did that you hadn’t plagiarized only my work, you did the honourable thing and deleted your entire blog archive after I left my comments. To start over, you said. Because, you said, your blog had been unfocussed and you wanted to shift themes. Or some garbage like that. You could have emailed me to apologize. But you didn’t. Because you’re probably just mad you got caught. Which is what makes you Fuckwit of the Month in my records.

There really isn’t much more to say about it. Except that I will leave you in my bookmarks as “Plagiarizing Asshole” and I will be checking in on you from time to time. Not just for myself, but for all the people I know you plagiarized. And I have to say, couldn’t you have been a little more discreet than to plagiarize recognizable images from fairly well-known bloggers? I shake my head.

With a big old fuck you,


EDIT (01/11/08): It seems the offending party has deleted his blog account entirely. I can’t decide whether I’m happy that it’s gone or upset that I can’t keep my eye on him anymore. Probably both.

7 thoughts on “Open Letter to the Jerkface Crap-head who Stole My Posts for His Own Blog

  1. You have my complete sympathy. At least you caught the bugger and shut him down. In obvious cases of copy and paste like this that’s easier. It’s the one’s who make subtle changes or just lift ideas and so forth that drive me crazy. I am having an ongoing battle with a prompt site which shall remain nameless. “I know you are reading my blog, I have an IP tracker,” I said. And on and on it goes. I have so many friends who are great writers and artists who just won’t participate in bloggland for exactly this reason and it is also one of the main reason the bloggoland is so boring and uninspired, creative people just get tired of being ripped off and leave. Oh well, life goes on…

  2. Paul – In six years of blogging, this is the first time I’ve caught anyone plagiarizing me, so I don’t intend to let this one incident stop me. If the guy had given me attribution, I wouldn’t have had any problem with him posting my work on his blog.

    Witness – It’s a type of flattery. The most infuriating type of flattery. The worst part is I’m not sure how I would have escalated the complaint if he hadn’t removed the content.

    Ani – That was my reaction exactly. Because I’m not sure what exactly he got out of it.

  3. Were there ads on the site? I’ve seen this a couple times with my blog as a content scraper pulled text right off my site and republished them under a new name. Unfortunately, it is quite common and Google (or the ad provider) has a special form for reporting this activity.

  4. 8r4d – Not a single ad on the guy’s blog. He had active comments from readers and responded to them. Plus, he responded within a few hours after I pointed out the plagiarism and removed only my content. There was definitely a human behind it. It would have been more annoying than shocking or upsetting if there were ads or evidence of content scraping.

  5. Similar thing happened to me only last year so I know exactly how you feel, only they didn’t plagiarise my blog, they plagiarised me in my entirety. Some bunch off dickspaffs in Bangladesh set up a fake profile on hi5 stealing my photos, my details and lifting entries from my blog, Flickr, Youtube and Myspace pages. They even made a few token profiles copying some of my friends on Myspace. Horrible feeling, particularly since they’d clearly done a quite disturbing and invasive amount of homework. It’s a bit like being furious to a point of literal nausea.

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