Two nights away

I find myself succumbing and not succumbing to the gravity of reviewing the past ten years. I have no top 10s, no list of favourite moments. I have rediscovered the value of steeping in the past, but the record of my personal tastes is less than necessary. I see forward momentum in the clicking of the calendar.

Meditation, following meandering paths, seems appropriate now. Escaping the weight of city life and people. Finding a place for myself among silences and snowflakes. I wrap myself in solitude. Slip past midnight into this new year.

2 thoughts on “Two nights away

  1. I felt the great weight and excitement about the end of a decade and the start of another one, and I don’t really care who I was anymore, but instead I just want to take forward the things that mean something to me. I want this decade to be about friendships, relationships, working hard at things I love and getting some love back.

    Happy New Year.
    James – – daily offbeat fiction

  2. Your December is exceptionally beautiful. I just spent some time “catching up” and got shivers. :-)

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