My Christmas Note to You

It has been a hectic December. All leading up to tomorrow. I’m hosting my first Christmas dinner for both my family and my husband’s. Things that seemed very important when I first took on the job have slowly been dropping down the scale of importance. So the day before my big debut, I am calm. Ready for whatever is going to happen tomorrow. And however the day plays out, everyone will have more than enough to eat and far more than enough to drink. I’m looking forward to it. I am breaking from tradition and, I hope, beginning a couple of new ones.

This season is always both contemplative and chaotic. Something about the preparations and the people creates swirls and eddies in my thought patterns but leaves a kind of stillness in the centre. I’ve watched the sunrise this morning. Gradients of orange and yellow to purple-gray clouds. I haven’t actually seen the sun yet. Such a slow process at this latitude at this time of year.

There are some few last minute tasks. But they won’t take much time. As my dad would say, “It’s time to slip into dawdle.”