Winter arrived all in one shot yesterday . A load of snow and plunging temperatures. Out come the goose-down parka and the serious winter boots — the ones that tromp through snow drifts while you laugh at fools with just ankle boots.

I am delighted.

Delighted doesn’t quite capture it.

I am gleeful. Elated. Kid-on-Christmas-morning out of my mind.

I’ve driven on the roads that have yet to be cleared. I’ve had to be pushed onto the road by a stranger. I’ve had to forward-reverse-forward-upshift-reverse-forward on several occasions times. Getting anywhere takes that tiny bit longer that seems to make other people cranky. None of that touches this vibration of excitement. This is how all Decembers should be.

2 thoughts on “Play

  1. I completely and whole heartedly agree with your take on December.

    Every winter I long for a blizzard that brings 12 feet of snow.

    I often find myself wondering if there’s a snow equivalent of the Indian rain dances. I should investigate this.

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