I was filling out a stupid online self-assessment quiz thing not long ago of the format “which of these three answers is most like you?” I got most of the way done when I came to a question where none of the answers applied to me. As I gave far too much thought to which one I should pick, I realized that the answer I would normally lean towards was actually nothing like me. It was just a trait I had always hoped I possessed, but somehow had never really acquired.

I learned many years ago that any subjective measure of my Self becomes immediately untrue once stated. So I will give you some facts:

  1. I was born.
  2. I achieved university-level education.
  3. I am married.
  4. I have a full-time job.
  5. I love words.

As for My Mental Milkcrate, I started it up on Blogger on September 22, 2001. Some time after that I moved it to Movable Type. Then I got sick of that and moved to WordPress. Those are the facts about my blog. My ongoing writing experiment. Which is all this continues to be.